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Aortic Bypass Surgery

This surgery is done to bypass diseased large blood vessels in the abdomen and groin. Dr. Hiten Patel is an experienced vascular surgeon for it.

In Aortic or Aortofemoral Bypass surgery, a graft connecting the aorta and one of both femoral arteries in the pelvis is placed to bypass a diseased vessel and increase blood flow to the legs. Vascular surgeons are specialists who are trained to treat all the diseases related to the vascular system. They do far more than surgery when it comes to Aortic Bypass Surgery and other surgical procedures.

Dr. Hiten Patel has expertise in treating Varicose Veins, PVD, Arterial Aneurysm, DVT, and Aortic Bypass Surgery. He is one of the best vascular surgeons in India and practices in Vadodara’s best multispeciality hospitals.