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Vascular Malformation

Vascular Malformation is the repercussion of the abnormalities that develop in the blood vessels, arteries, lymph vessels, and veins.

Vascular Malformation occurs in the human body since birth and grows with the passage of time. It does not appear and disappear all of a sudden. Vascular Malformation is even found at a later age due to an increase in blood flow through abnormal channels. Usually, the symptoms of Vascular Malformation are seen on the head and the neck. Its occurrence causes swelling, pain, and bleeding in other parts of the body.

 It causes cosmetic deformities that restrain normal functioning in the affected area.

Dr. Hiten Patel has an extensive experience in diagnosing and curing Vascular Malformation with treatments such as Embolization, Laser Treatment, and Sclerotherapy (as per the requirement)